Optical Boutique

In our Optical Boutique we carry the most up-to-date designer frames as well as fashionable budget friendly frames. Browse through our extensive collection and let us assist you in choosing the perfect frame. We carry a wide variety top designer eyewear and sunglasses to provide you a large selection to best meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you in selecting eyewear which is perfect for you. We collaborate with our own modern optical laboratory which specializes in making the highest quality optical lenses and can prepare your glasses in the shortest possible time, ready to wear.

Our Vision Services includes:

• Comprehensive Eye Exams
• Glaucoma and Cataract Screenings
• Contact Lens Evaluations
• Progressive Lenses and Thin Lenses (high index)
• Cosmetic and Prescription Contact Lenses
• Variety of Frame for Any Budget
• School Ready Exams

We begin by obtaining a computerized reading of your vision (Auto Refraction); then we conduct a thorough exam to evaluate the health of your eye. Licensed opticians and frame stylists help you with frame selection to the fitting and dispensing of your eyewear. Our collection includes everything from designer to moderately-priced frames.

Our premium line of lenses includes special features such as:

Progressive – Recommended for distance, computer work, and reading. Lens designed without lines.
Ultra-Thin - High Index - 1.74 Recommended for really high prescriptions
Thin - High Index - 1.67 Recommended for high prescriptions
Anti-reflective – Coating that eliminates glare from computer screens and overhead lights. Great for night driving. Recommended for all frame wearers.
Transition - Lenses that change from light to dark, depending on the light.
Polarized - Glare-resistant lens that allows for true color perception. Recommended for all frame wearers.
Polycarbonate - Impact-resistant and lighter weight.
UV Protection - Recommended 100% by all eye care professionals for all frame wearers.

Warranty & Repair Service

We support all manufacturer frame, lens and contact lens warranties to ensure quality and performance.

We tighten, adjust and repair eyeglasses on the premises at no charge.

Please note: Any damage to non-purchased eyewear from Our Optical boutique is not covered by our office warranty policy and you will be required to sign a waiver if you opt for our techs and/or labs to complete work on your current eyeglasses.

Contact Lenses

A comprehensive eye exam will determine which contact lenses are most compatible with your eyes. We train and educate first-time contact wearers and offer a wide range of contact types and brands.

• Soft Contact Lenses
• Disposable Contact Lenses including daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly
• Astigmatic/Toric Contact Lenses
• Bifocal Contact Lenses
• Color Changing Contact Lenses

Vision Insurance

We accept most insurance plans and, as part of our service, help you maximize your insurance benefits. Our experienced opticians will review your insurance benefits and eye doctor’s recommendations with you and together decide which features you would like to include in your eyewear order.

Please call us at 949-777-5970 to verify we accept your plan.

Call 949-777-5970 today to schedule your consultation.